The Return of Odysseus


Our project includes a series of actions (theatrical, musical, athletic) that will be organised during October every year based on the text of the Odyssey. In the first phase they will only cover the final part of Odysseus’ return from the island of Calypso to the island of Phaeacians and from there to Ithaca as well as the corresponding journey of Telemachus from Ithaca to Pylos, Sparta, back to Pylos and return to Ithaca.

 This year these actions will take place mainly in these four locations from 21 to 31 of October.

The brochure about our project is here.

For the general program of the events please follow the link.

This year from 21 to 31 of October we organize recitations of the Odyssey in Athens, Ithaca, Pylos and elsewhere. You can visit Facebook for more details.

Preparations for ODYSSEIA 2018 have already begun.