ODYSSEIA 2018 in Pylos

This year’s participation of the Municipality of Pylos-Nestoros in the events for the return of Odysseus will be much richer.The events start from the morning of October 23th when Telemachus arrives by boat to Ancient Pylos’ seaside (Voidokilia) and will end on the evening of 27th when Telemachus departs with his ship for Ithaca.

Recitations of the 3rd Rhapsody have been organized both on the seaside where Nestor with his children and thousands of Pyleans made sacrifices to Poseidon as well as in Nestor’s palace where Telemachus was hosted by the King. A great theatrical – dance – musical event is organized in cooperation with the Folklore Association of Chora.

After this event, which will take place in the Cultural Center of Chora, there will be a dinner organized by local associations. The full program will be announced early next week.

ODYSSEIA 2018 in Pylos is organized by the Association THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS, in collaboration with the Folklore Association of Chora and other local associations under the aegis of the Municipality of Pylos-Nestoros.

Just like last year the events are supported by the Centre of Greek Language and Culture ALEXANDER THE GREAT, the Ithaca Friends of Homer Association, the Organization for the Dissemination of the Greek Language, the Hellenic Union for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education, Culture Archive, British Hellenic Education and many volunteers.

ODYSSEIA 2018 in Pylos