ODYSSEIA 2018 is over

For a second time this year the activities of the international program “THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS” have taken place from October 21 to 31st in a lot of locations in and out of Greece. We have not received yet detailed information about all of them but we have already posted information about the activities in Amfissa, Ithaca, Pylos, Barcelona, Sofia, Turku.

This year on top of the usual recitals of the Rhapsodies of Odyssey we have organized theatrical and dancing events and also presentation of a book on Homeric Ithaca and also speeches about hunting and travel in Ancient times as well as visits to the archaeological sites of Ithaca and Pylos.

It should be noted that local municipalities in Amfissa, Ithaca, Pylos have supported and participated actively in the events.

Turku (Finland)
Barcelona (Spain)
Pylos (Greece)
Sofia (Bulgaria)
ODYSSEIA 2018 is over