The events for ODYSSEY 2018 in Chora of the Municipality of Pylos-Nestor, organized by our association (THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS) in cooperation with the Municipality of Pylos-Nestor and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Messinia, took place on October 23 with great success.

The events were co-organized by the Folklore Cultural Association of Chora, the Women’s Association of Chora, the theatrical department of the “Mouzaki” Cultural Association, the Primary Schools as well as the Junior High School and the High School of Chora, the Parents’ and Guardians’ Associations as well as citizens.

On the morning of October 23, all the pupils as well as the teachers and professors of the schools were transferred to the archaeological site of Ancient Pylos by bus provided by the Municipality of Pylos-Nestor, where the Deputy Mayor of Pylos guided them with great detail and liveliness for many years Mayor of Chora Mr. Pan. Petropoulos.

During the tour, K. Karkanias made a brief intervention, referring to Michael Ventris, who, as it is known, deciphered Linear B and gave the Greek Language almost 1000 years of additional written history. He said that Ventris started being interested in this subject since he was a student and his professors organized a visit to Arthur Evans’ findings of the excavations in Knossos, among which were signs of Linear B. It would be possible so, that today’s event and tour becomes a motive for any one of the students to make an equally great discovery in the future about Pylos, about Greece.

Then, an amazing inspirational action was planned on the beach of Voidokilia, where Telemachus arrived 3225 years ago, during which a theatrical performance would take place, with Telemachus disembarking from a ship to the beach. Unfortunately the weather did not allow it and so this whole event was held in a closed space in the big hall of the hotel MELIVIA.

According to this, members of the Women’s Association of Chora recitated parts of the 3rd Rhapsody of the Odyssey, while the theatrical group of the “Mouzaki” Cultural Association performed with archaic uniforms, reciting the pieces of the same Rhapsody, which corresponded to Telemachus, Nestor, Mentor. It was a truly amazing performance whose actors were applauded by nearly 200 spectators (students, teachers, parents and club members).

Before the show, the Deputy Mayor Mr. Panagiotis Petropoulos, Deputy Mayor of Education Mr. G. Bachoumas, the President of the Association “THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS” K. Karkanias, the President of the Folklore Cultural Association of Chora Aggeliki Kokkinou, the President of the Women’s Association of Chora Mrs. Gerokosta, the director of High School Mr. P. Anagnostopoulos, Mrs. Zoe Kardara, the director of Junior High School and the director of the Second Primary School Mr. F. Bogiatzis. At the end of the event, Mr. D. Kafantaris, Mayor of the Municipality of Pylos-Nestor, made a short greeting and took photos with all the participants of the events, the teachers and students of the schools.

After the show, a meal with Mycenaean dishes was offered, prepared by the Women’s Association of Chora with the support of the Municipality for all students and teachers present. It should be noted that the Mycenaean meal was inspired by Mr. Pan. Petropoulos who collaborated with well-known archaeologists for this purpose.

After a few hours of rest at 19:30, the event “In Telemachus Footsteps” was held at the Cultural Center of Chora, which was organized by the Folklore Cultural Association of Chora in cooperation with the Association “THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS” and the support of the Municipality and the Ephorate Antiquities of Messinia.

At the beginning of the event, the Mayor of Pylos – Nestor, Mr. Kafantaris and the president of the Folklore Cultural Association, Mrs. Kokkinou, delivered a greeting. Then Mr. K. Karkanias spoke with the subject “Telemachus in Pylos after 3225 years” and the archaeologist Mr. Stamatis Fritzilas with the subject “O Telemachus in Ancient Pylos”.

It is worth mentioning here the proposals of Mr. K. Karkania to the Municipality:

  1. The beach of Voidokilia to be renamed as Telemachus’ Coast.
  2. Homer’s bust to be constructed with the prophecy by the Oracle of Delphi to Hadrian regarding Homer’s ancestry.
  3. To be constructed a statue of Telemachus, which reaches Ancient Pylos.

Then followed a series of archaic dances from nine girls and two men from the dance group of the Association. At the same time, one by one the girls read part of the well-known French work of Fénelon (published in 1690) titled “The adventures of Telemachus” directed by the actor Katerina Gatzogia.

Finally, the actor herself recited extracts of poems about the Odyssey of Titus Patriki’s “Telemachus’ Trip”, Loui Aragon’s “The Adventures of Telemachus”, Yiannis Ritsos’ “The Awakening of Telemachus”, Dimitris Dimitriadis’ “Ithaca”, Dimitri Mingas “Then…” and “I’m jealous of the old”. The overall direction of the show was taken care of by Lizi Xanthopoulou.

The event was closed by Deputy Mayor of Education, Mr. Bahoumas.

It was a truly amazing series of events, which will be the basis for the celebrations that will take place next year titled “ODYSSEY 2019 – TELEMACHUS IN PYLOS” and will certainly not be completed in one day but in more, so that we can organize visits of Greeks and foreigners in the area for more than one day.

More information is available and will continue to be available on our website and on our official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thereturnofodysseus.