For many years, the Franco-Hellénique de Midi-Pyrénées has been working with the Center for Greek Language and Culture “Alexander the Great” with the exchange of books, educational methods, etc. Based in Toulouse, the club and its members are Greeks or French people interested in Greece. Many of them learn Greek in language schools organized by the club.

In this context, many students of the Hellenic-French Association have come to Greece. In April 2018, he visited Messolonghi at the invitation of Mr. K. Karkanias, Director of the Center for Greek Language and Culture “Alexander the Great” and President of our Association, who had formed the relevant program in collaboration with Yannis Makris, President of the Fraternity Descent of the Free Boundaries. The club organizes every year a trip to Greece in places of historical interest.

Therefore, it was natural that we would also work on the program “The Return of Odysseus”.

On 21/10/2018, the students of the League declared in New Greek Rhapsody A, in which Athena, in the form of Mendes (a friend of Odysseus), meets Telemachus and advises him how to cope with the situation created by the suitors in Ulysses Palace.

From now on, we have agreed that over time we will have a much larger event in Toulouse with even more participants and actions.