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During the week of 15-21 October 2018, the Odyssey readings were organized in Turku, Finland. Turku is the second largest city in Finland and the first capital of the country.

In Turku there is a Greek-Finnish assosiation, a “School” of Greek language teaching with an interdisciplinary method and an independent teaching seminar of Ancient Greek in adults at the Turun Suomenkielinen School Työväenopisto.

At the first, the coordinator is the pharmacist Jukka Heiskanen, while in the second one Ancient Greek is taught by Velli Matti Rissanen, a professor at the University of Turku.

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The events were organized with the help of the Center for Greek Language and Culture “ALEXANDRER THE GREAT”, whose outstanding student is Jukka Heiskanen.

In the first school the readings were made in Finnish, while the second in Ancient Greek and Finnish.

All those who have participated are excited and we are now thinking about how to further develop this series of events so that students from the University and other people can also take part.

Once again, it turns out how great the power of Homer and Odysseus is, even though thousands of years have passed since they lived.

Here are some verses from the first Rhapsody of the Odyssey, in Ancient Greek and Finnish from the screen of the room, which was the recitation in Turku.